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5 Easy Ways to Learn English Fast

Here are 5 simple tips to learning English quickly.

Use English for 15 minutes every day.

“ if you don’t use it, you will lose it !” - just do something in English for 15 minutes every day. You will be surprised how quickly you’ll learn. Read the newspaper online, watch a movie or youtube video on your phone or simply say “Hello” to the supermarket staff!

Read or watch something in English on your way to and from work.

Use the time on the bus or train to watch or read something online. Your English will improve and the time will go faster too!

Watch English movies or TV shows.

Try and watch an English movie or TV show with subtitles in your native language. Perhaps start with watching a children’s movie as the vocabulary is easier to understand. Once you know the story, change the subtitles to English and read along as you watch to check your understanding.

Record your English lessons.

It may sound strange, but it works! Many of my students have used this trick with a lot of success. Simply record your lesson and listen to it again and again and again, for fast results. Try listening to your class again on the train or bus, or on your walk home or perhaps just before you go to sleep.

Speak, speak, speak!

Speak English to everyone and watch your confidence grow. Say "Hi" to the bus driver, thank the checkout staff member at the supermarket, say “see you later” to your work colleagues when you are leaving the office.......

Try these simple steps and …. watch how a little goes a long way to fluency!


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