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Mel Riley

Personalized. Friendly. Quality Education.

Learning happens fast when it goes beyond the classroom.

-Mel Riley-

Hi I’m Mel Riley, a native Australian, who specialises in showing students how to excel in English. I believe teachers and tutors need to motivate and guide students to success. My mission is to help people learn English effectively, by customising lessons to fit each individual’s different learning styles and needs and to give people the language skills to confidently live and work in an English-speaking environment.


What makes my classes so effective is their practical and useful content. I build upon your language foundation, step by step, coaching you to bring about dramatic changes in your language knowledge, skills, and understanding. These steps guide you towards building the tools you need to excel for English to automatically become easy and fun.


I want to show people how easy it is to use English to succeed in their personal and professional lives. I have helped hundreds of students gain confidence and excel in English, many of them transforming their lives and achieving their dreams.


You can join me to discover more about the powerful learning program I can design just for you by requesting a free discussion below.


Reach your goals quicker and discover how easy learning and using English can be.


I have lived in the UK and USA and can speak American and British English as well as some Japanese. I graduated from the Global TESOL College and hold other qualifications in Language Learning, Accounting and Tourism.

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