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Karla, Mexico

Karla, Mexico

Mel is an outstanding and easy to learn with teacher. She follows your own pace, and is always well prepared. She is able to identify your weaknesses and works on them until you get it right !

Dodo, Bhutan

Dodo, Bhutan

I am Dodo and I work as a tour guide in Bhutan. I didn't just show them around but Mel was very helpful in correcting my English too. I got a great deal of literature knowledge in that short span of our tour and I thank her with all my heart. My driver who is also a high school dropout acknowledges the same. It was wonderful working with Mel.

San, Myanmar

San, Myanmar

The way she teaches is simple and easy to understand. I learnt a lot of new words from Mel and it reminds me of her teaching whenever I think of them. Thank you Mel 


Thank you, Mel. I really enjoyed our lessons and thank you especially for your valuable hard work in "correcting" my French accent.


Mel is the best English teacher. I feel very lucky to be able to have a great teacher like her. No matter what kind of occasion it is, Mel has always gave me the right advice and help, which made my life in Singapore so much better.

Mel’s class has helped me to get used to use English for both work and life. Her advice on how foreign people may see things also helped me to see things from different perspective, which helped me in work.
Mel’s class is always a very tailor made class, which comes from her vast experience of teaching students in various business areas, and her enthusiasm to help students life.
Thank you very much for being a great teacher and a mentor for me.


Mel is an easy person to talk to, friendly, fun to learn from and to be with. She made learning English easy to understand and was always happy to answer my questions. She is a good teacher.


Mel has been so professional in teaching English to my family for 4 years. My Japanese family didn't have English fluency at all before we got to know Mel. She helped us get out of such a situation with her "magic" prescriptive and consultative ways. Mel is a true and great teacher. My family is the proof of her ability to demonstrate it. Thank you Mel for your live and practical English teaching so that my family become "internationalized". Mel has great and kind personality also, which my family has enjoyed. Thank you Mel!


Mel taught me not only just English for study but a lot of things such as culture, history and life. I deeply appreciate her lessons and kindness.


When I was in Singapore, I was learning English conversation with Mel teacher.
Her class was very fun and practical, and besides it was really meaningful content.
Also, as her character is very friendly and open mind, I was able to relax all the time during the lesson.


Mel taught English conversation to me…. we talked about my recent news so I could develop my speaking ability. It was important for me because I used the words soon when talking with English speakers. It increased my appetite to study English….she corrected my English sentences so I could learn how to explain my words in English. Even though I left her English class, she took care of me. When I want to know how to say the words in English, she checks my English. She is so kind.


Mel, thank you so much! You know as a coach and teacher you really did make me feel so comfortable as a student. Initially, I was scared which is why I reached out. From the time we had our first conversation, you made me feel like it was going to be okay and we will definitely work something out. I am glad we did just that!


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